whitehot Vancouver

Kyra Kordoski

Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything

September 2012, Rodney Graham at Vancouver Art Gallery

May 2012: Interview with VICE: Discotecture

April 2012: In Conversation with Dickie Landry

March 2012: Dickie Landry: SOLO @ Guggenheim

March 2012, Kyra Kordoski in Conversation with Adam Tendler John Cage, Sonatas and Interludes

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Caitlin Chaisson

May 2013: Erin Shirreff and Nancy Holt @ Contemporary Art Gallery

February 2013: Adrian Stimson @ Grunt Gallery

August 2012: Sarah Browne @ Contemporary Art Gallery

Zoe Peled

July 2012: Facing the Animal @ Or Gallery

December 2009, In Conversation with Randy Grskovic

April 2009, I’m Fine, You're Fine: On the Rise Artist Collective

October 2008, Corin Sworn Interview

June, 2008, Buy Art, Not Cocaine: The Cheaper Show 8

March 2008, Zoe M. Peled interviews Tanya Mars

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Mitch Speed

March 2012: Brian Kokoska @ Blanket Gallery

Brad Phillips

December 2011: Sean Landers Interview

December 2009, Brad Phillips in Conversation with Paul Butler

May 2009, Interview with Jay Isaac

May 2009, Interview with Evan Lee

March 2009, Daniel Gordon Interview

Kari Cwynar

June 2011, Ron Tran @ Charles H. Scott Gallery

Kevin Nelson

September 2009, Interview with Zach Johnsen

January 2009, Erik Volet Interview

February 2008, Royal Art Lodge Interview

JC Scott

April 2009, MASS MoCA & The Brill Gallery

Helen Eady

Danger in Paradise @ Or Gallery

Andrew Witt

January 2009, Traversing the Phantasmatic Fight

April 2008, eXponential future


SUMMER 2007, WM issue #4: ARABELLA CAMPBELL @ Catriona Jeffries Gallery

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