Whitehot Miami

David Rohn

November 2013: Fernando Mastrangelo @ Kowal + Odermatt Projects

July 2010, Claire Fontaine @ MOCA North Miami

December 2009, Paul Pfeiffer @ World Class Boxing

March 2009, The Benjamin Project @ Gallery Diet

January 2009, Luis Gispert, Fredric Snitzer Gallery

August 2008, Quisqueya Henriquez @ Miami Art Museum

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Rob Goyanes

December 2012: Manny Prieres @ Spinello Projects

Hunter Braithwaite

April 2012: Full Spectrum Dominance @ Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art

January 2012, Mauricio Gonzalez @ Fredric Snitzer Gallery

October 2011; Modify, as needed at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

October 2011, Audrey Hasen Russell @ Dorsch Gallery

September 2011, Summer Time Blues @ Fredric Snitzer

August 2011, George Sanchez-Calderon @ de La Cruz Collection

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Andrea Thompson

June 2009, Interview With Amir Ben-Zion


February 2008, THE SCHOLL ART COLLECTION: Curated by Matthew Higgs and Jeremy Deller

Aimee Sinclair

May 2009, Interview with Felice Grodin

March 2008, Friends With You Interview

December 2007, Miami Contemporary Artists

Thomas Hollingworth

May 2009, Miami Noir @ Invisible Exports

November 2008, Interview with Claire Breukel of Locust Projects

August 2008, Miami Season Preview

July 2008, Interview with Nicolas Lobo

July, 2008, Tom Hollingworth in discussion with Ruba Katrib: Assistant Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami

May 2008, MOCA Miami Pivot Points I & II

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Nikki Durling

October 2008, MOCA Dark Continents curated by Ruba Katrib

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