Whitehot Los Angeles

Megan Abrahams

The Idea of North: The Paintings of Lawren Harris Curated by Steve Martin at the Hammer Museum

Alexandra Grant and Steve Roden: These Carnations Defy Language

Carol Sears: Recent Linescapes

Julie Heffernan: Pre-Occupations

Merion Estes: Dystopia

Carol Es: Exodus

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Shana Nys Dambrot

Kellesimone Waits: Transmutation

Chris Burden: Ode to Santos Dumont is at LACMA

Tabitha Soren: Fantasy Life

Jason McLean at Wilding Cran

Book Review: Jo Ann Callis: Other Rooms

The Artists of the Film MANA

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George Melrod

Kristen Morgin: Messages to my Twenty Year Old Self

Lyle Zimskind

Gajin Fujita: Warriors, Ghosts and Ancient Gods of the Pacific

Jim Ovelmen: Western Skies

Rashid Johnson at David Kordansky Gallery

Edwin Ushiro: Gathering Whispers

Monica Canilao: Born from Ruins

Julie Bills

Artist Sui Jianguo Interview

Eve Wood

When Art and Ideas Merge

October 2013: Michael Arata @ Garboushian Gallery

March 2013: Ed Templeton @ Roberts and Tilton

February 2013: Travis Collinson: Paintings and Drawings @ Maloney Fine Art, Culver City

November 2012: Dimitri Kozyrev @ Mark Moore Gallery, Los Angeles

July 2012, Op-Ed: Unmade In LA

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Sandra Vista

June Wayne Paintings, Prints, and Tapestries, Pasadena Museum of California Art

July 2009, Mary Anna Pomonis @ Torrance Art Museum

June 2009, Alexis Smith @ Margo Leavin Gallery

March 2009, Doni Silver Simons @ The Sherry Frumkin Gallery

February 2009, Lisa Adams @ Lawrence Asher Gallery

October, 2008, Vincent Ramos @ Crisp London-Los Angeles

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Angel Chen

Rory Devine Interview

Danielle McCullough

Shagha Ariannia and Danielle Dean: PTL (Part Time Lover) & FTL (Full Time Lover)

October 2012, Alison O’Daniel: NIGHT SKY

June 2012: Keeping it Dirty; A Conversation with Allison Schulnik


Kathy Leonardo

September 2012: Kelly Reemtsen @ Skidmore Contemporary Art

June 2012: The Fashion of TRASHion Lights Up Downtown LA

Yael Lipschutz

June 2012: Farrah Karapetian @ Roberts & Tilton

Simone Kussatz

April 2012: In Conversation with Matthias Merkel Hess

February 2012: Interview with Lita Albuquerque

Bill Radawec at Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art

August 2011, Julia Schwartz at Bleicher Gallery La Brea

Virginia Katz at Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Los Angeles

April 2011: Mike Saijo @ Bleicher/Caporale Gallery

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Odeya Nini

February 2012, SASSAS: Welcome Inn Time Machine

Angel Baker

New Villager: Temporary Culture at Human Resources, LA

February 2008, Closing Reception for Downright @ Pink Elephant Projects Gallery, November 9, 2007

Stina Persson, Immacolata and her Friends, at Gallery Hanah

May 2007, WM issue #3: Jiri Kolar and Joseph Cornell @ Pavel Zoubok Gallery

March 07/ WM issue #1: Lisa Candela, Curator By Proxy

A. Moret

April 2011, If These Walls Could Talk - A Conversation

Interview with Anna Ayeroff

February 2011, Davis & Davis @ L2Kontemporary

February, 2011: Mike Kelley @ Gagosian

January 2011, My Barbarian @ The Hammer Museum

December 2010, Amanda Ross-Ho @ Cherry and Martin

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Alexx Shaw for WM LA

December 2009, Debbie Han @ 
LA Contemporary

March 2009, Interview with Michael Brunswick

March 2009, Dan Graham Retrospective @ MOCA

January 2009, Three Quick Reviews

October 2008, Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913 - 2008 @ LACMA

October 2008, The Dialogic Connection: a Freelance Curatorial Adventure

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Betty Ann Brown

December 2009, Rachel Rosenthal: TOHUBOHU!

Tanja Laden

December 2009, Interview with Exene Cervenka

Farrah Karapetian

June 2009, John Waters @ Gagosian

May 2009, Christopher Russell @ Circus Gallery

November 2008, Alexandro Segade @ Artist Curated Projects

September 2008, Against the Grain @ LACE

Jesi Khadivi in LA

May 2009, Interview with Sherry Wong

January 2009, Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective MOCA

November 2008, Lari Pittman @ Gladstone Gallery

November 2008, Camera Ephemera: Endangered Media Objects and Manufacturing the Art Object @ Found Gallery

October, 2008, John Lautner: Between Heaven and Earth @ Hammer Museum

July 2008, Allan Kaprow: Art as Life

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Mary Anna Pomonis

March 2009, Interview with Laura Owens

November 2008, Maya Lujan and Melanie Pullen

October, 2008, Martin Kersels @ Santa Monica Museum of Art

August 2008, Max Presneill Interview

Cynthia Valdez

January 2009, Francis Alys @ LACMA

October 2008, Marlene Dumas @ MoCA

October 2007, Gordon Matta Clark @ MOCA

Jessica Steindorf

January 2009, Rome Apple: Lady Art

Rebecca Jones

December, 2008, Anthony Goicolea @ Sandroni Rey

Dianne V. Lawrence

October 2008, Melanie Pullen @ ACE Gallery

Heather Jeno Silva

October 2008, Simmons & Burke @ Kim Light/LightBox, LA

Daniel Freed

September 2008, PAUL ZONE, THE NEW YORK UNDERGROUND SCENE, From Glam to Punk 1972-1977

Juliette Frette

January 2008, Olivia De Berardinis Interview

December 2007, Victoria Fuller

September 2007, Heiner Freidrich: co-creator of the Dia Art Foundation

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Tim Hawkinson's Zoopsia @ the Getty

Jeremy von Stilb

January 2008, Tracy Emin, Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Dan Flavin retrospective @ LACMA

Veronica Paez for WMLA

May 2007, WM Issue # 3: Black and White @ Faufitown Projects, Santa Monica CA

May 2007, WM issue #3: Paul Bailey Ensemble Lloyd Rodgers Group and Brother Mallard at Dangerous Curve May 20, 2007

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