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Greggory D. Bradford

January 2011: Nathaniel Lancaster Interview

Press Release: Orensanz 2008, The Far Reaches of Space March 27th to March 30th, 2008 Various locations in New York City

March 2008, Interview with James Busby


May 2007, WM issue #3: If You Don't Believe in Something You'll Fall for Anything @ EFA Gallery

April, WM issue #2: McKendree Key @ PS1 Contemporary Art Center

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Irma Cannavo

February 2008, Keith Tyson @ Pace Wildenstein

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Wayne Gonzales@ Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

May 2007, WM issue #3: Eva Rothschild @ 303 Gallery

March 07/ WM issue #1:Terrence KOH, Whitney Museum of American Art

Robert Kilborn

March 2010, Interview with Nicolas Baier

November 2008, Warhol Live: Music and Dance in Andy Warhol's Work @ The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

November 2007, e-art: New Technologies and Contemporary Art, Ten years of accomplishments by the Daniel Langlois Foundation @ The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, through 9 December 2007

May 07, WM Issue # 3 : Robert Kilborn in discussion with Marc Mayer, Director of the Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal

April 07, WM Issue #2: Anselm Kiefer, Heaven and Earth @ Musee d' art contemporain de Montreal

Joanne Hinkel

September 2009, Iran Inside Out at Chelsea Art Museum

September 2009, THE FEMALE GAZE @ Cheim & Read

October 2008, Kehinde Wiley @ The Studio Museum in Harlem

Gabrielle Sierra

March 2009, Hilary Berseth and Kevin Zucker @ Eleven Rivington

October, 2008, Totally Rad @ Paul Kasmin Gallery

Joshua Altman

January 2009, Nayland Blake @ Location One

Kristin Mandt Heim

November 2008, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset @ Trondheim Art Museum

Joel Groover

November 2008, Matthew Rose @ William Turner Gallery

Adam Michael

November 2008, Paul McCarthy @ The Whitney Museum

Valeria Kogan

November 2008, Charming Baker and Sam Branton @ Signal Gallery

Jessica Lott

October 2008, Catherine Opie @ Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Rachel Bateman

October 2008, Allison Sommers

July 2008, Biographical Landscape: The Photography of Stephen Shore, 1969-1979

Jen Bartman

October 2008, Jeff Gabel @ Spencer Brownstone Gallery

Thomas Smith

Octorber 2008, Tom Smith talks space with Airgarten's Daniel Lima and Yukihiro Taguchi

Dennis Matthews

October 2008, Interview with Eric Sall

October, 2008, Index, Conceptualism in California from the Permanent Collection @Temporary Contemporary at Geffen MoCA

Geanna Barlaam

October 2008, Baker Overstreet @ Fredericks & Freiser

Desiree Rose

October, 2008, Maximum Perception, Contemporary Brooklyn Performance @ English Kills Gallery

Adele Smith

October, 2008, Peter Strauss

May 2008, Wolfgang Tillmans - LIGHTER

Melissa Rourke

October 2008, Broad Contemporary Art Museum, Inaugural Exhibition

Jane Estrada

October 2008, Home Delivery @ MoMA

Airyka Rockefeller

September 2008, Chadwick Rantanen @ Jancar Jones Gallery

Trevor Guthrie

September 2008, Agnieszka Brzezanska @ Karma International

January 2008, Trevor Guthrie Interviewing Andy Denzler

March 07/ WM issue #1: Inside Chinese Contemporary Art

Lindsay Harris

September 2008. Chris Johanson @ Deitch Projects

Kara Manning

September 2008, Interview with John Warwicker and Karl Hyde

Emily Schroeder in London

September 2008, Interview with Luke Dowd

Andrew Nealon

August, 2008: Patrick Griffin @ Journal gallery

Nora Whelan

August 2008, Interview with Daniel Vosovic (but not really)

June 2008, Interview with Yoana Baraschi

Zoe Brant

March 2008, Gregor Schneider @ La Maison Rouge

Diego Chamy

August 2008, Interview with Juwelia Soraya

February 2008, Berlin International Film Fest

November 2007, Taku Unami and Mattin @ KuLe

Emily Schroeder

July 2008, Peter Allen Hoffmann @ Freight + Volume

June 2008, Neo Rauch @ David Zwirner

Joann Kim

July, 2008, Daniel Zeller @ Pierogi Brooklyn

March 2008, Accidental Modernism @ Leslie Tonkonow

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Janaina Tschape @ Sikkema Jenkins & Co. New York

Amy Lin in Beijing

May 2008, Banksy @ Schoeni Art Gallery

January 2008, China: the New Generation

Trisha Ellen Kenny

May 2008, The Artist Project

Nate Hitchcock

May 2008, Art Chicago and NEXT :: Invitational Exhibition of Emerging Art

Iggy Cortez

May 2008, Mimmo Palladino and Brian Eno in Rome

March 2008, AES+F @ MACRO Future

Stephanie Kellett

May 2008, Taylor Davis @ Fifty-fifty Arts Collective

Ashley Tibbits

April 2008, Kara Walker @ Hammer Museum

More About WM's Ashley Tibbits

September 2007: Days of Being Wild @ the Lab 101 Gallery

Summer 07, WM #4: Nicola Vruwink @ D.E.N. Contemporary, Culver City CA

Tom Mason

March 2008, Lucy Stein Interview

Sholem Krishtalka

April 2008, John Brown @ Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Athena B

March 2008, Andrea Crews and Yayoi Kusama @ WIELS

Jessica Rae Cortez

February 2008, Wishful Thinking @ Project:Gallery

Summer 07, WM #4: Rendition @ Scion Space

Patrick Marcoux

February 2008, Black Panther: Emory Douglas @ MOCA Pacific Design Center

October 2007, Conspiracy and Economy: Chris Bassett @ Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles

Summer 2007, WM # 4: Charles Gaines

May 2007, WM issue #3: Ryan Taber, Not Vista-Oriented

April 07, WM Issue # 2: Roberto Ohrt Akademie Isotrop presentation @ MANDRAKE

March 07/ WM issue #1: Ing at the Machine Project

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Sheena Sood

February 2008, Extreme Embroidery @ the Museum of Arts and Design

SUMMER 2007, WM #4: Roxy Paine currently exhibits three sculptures in Madison Square Park

Kate Phillimore

February 2008, Tercerunquinto Artists in Residence New Langton Arts

October 2007, Supernatural: Form and Replication at Queens Nails Annex

Sofi Thanhauser

January 2008, Oliver Payne and Nick Relph @ Gavin Brown's Enterprise

May 2007, WM issue #3: Diego Fernandez went to Amsterdam to Roast a Goat with a Bicycle

April 07 WM Issue #2: Plains of Sweet Regret @ Lennon Weinburg Gallery

March 07/ WM issue #1: The Art of the Empty Package: Artist Whit Lasker

Simon Devenport

January 2008, GOEDELE NOBELS @ 7 Hours Haus 19

Summer 07, WM #4: Joe Coleman @ KW Institute For Contemporary Art

Florian Duijsens

December 2007, Mike Kelley @ Jablonka Galerie

Jess Devenport

November 2007, Passing Through: Iain Baxter& Photographs 1958-1983 @ Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Liz Gow

January 2008, Manish Om Prakash @ Winchester Galleries

Oliver Guy Watkins Whitehot Films London

Oliver Guy Watkins from London reporting on artist proposals for Trafalger Square's 4th plinth:

Video: Damien Hirst Controversy

Video: Oliver Guy Watkins interviews photographer Michael Hughes

PART 2: Video: A Londoner in Berlin

Video: A Londoner in Berlin

Alexandra Verhaest

January 2008, Roger Buergel key lecture at the Van Abbe museum

Julia Knight

January 2008, Do you know the Mosaic Man who lives on Astor Place?

SUMMER 2007, WM Issue #4: Au Revoir, Andy Warhol, Zak Smith and Sean McCarthy interview

April 07 WM Issue #2: Chris Gwyn Interview

Eli Langer

January 2008, Notes on the Practice of Ron Giii

June/July/August 2007, WM issue #4: Markus Selg @ Daniel Hug Gallery

May 2007, WM issue #3: Eduardo Consuegra @ Art Center Pasadena

April 07, WM Issue # 2: Gaylen Gerber @ DANIEL HUG GALLERY

Daniel J. Kramer

January 2008, Tattoo You, Perry Rubenstein Gallery

December 2007, Book Machine

Maxime Hanchir

December 2007, Neue Heimat @ Berlinische Galerie

May 2007, WM issue #3: Seoul: Spaces, People @ IFA Gallery Berlin

Ian Mozdzen

October 2007, Obscene

September 2007, Festival TransAmeriques

Chris Maceira


November 2007, EMILIO PEREZ: NEW PAINTINGS @ Gallery Lelong


March 07/ WM issue #1: BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART


April 07 WM Issue #2: RUAS DE SAO PAOLO: A SURVEY OF BRAZILIAN STREET ART @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Irmelin Hanssen

May 2007, WM Issue #3: In conversation with Clare E. Rojas: The power of Representation

Summer 07, WM #4: The Burning House: Faile, Swoon and David Ellis @ HET DOMEIN

Arden Pennell

May 2007, Thomas Hirschhorn

April 07, WM issue #2 : Takafumi Hara at DNA Gallery

March 07/ WM issue #1: Opening of Tomasz Kowalski and Anna Orlikowska

Carol Es

November 2007, An interview with Mark Steven Greenfield

Summer 2007, WM #4: The Face of God

Vincent Trasov (L) (Pictured with Michael Morris)

December 2007, PERFORMING THE ARCHIVE Origin of the hand of the spirit and the shark-fin bathing cap

March 07/ WM issue #1: Farwell Emmett Williams

Neal Rock

October 2007, Pearl C. Hsiung: The Karnowsky/Hammer Axis: Eroto Erupto Infinito @ Steve Turner Contemporary

Summer 07, WM #4: Rafal Bujnowski. Wrong Works 2005 - 2006 @ Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles

Benjamin Pezzillo

October 2007, BILL VIOLA: Pixels, Technology and What We Leave Behind

Summer 2007, WM #4: Darren M. Jorgensen, 296.44

May 2007, WM issue #3: Vincent Lamouroux's Clust

April, WM Issue #2: Downtown Art Walk 04/12/2007

March 07/ WM issue #1: whitehot's Benjamin Pezzillo at the LA opening of The Art of Wall Batterton, 1959 to Present, Ed Ruscha, Curator

March 07/ WM issue #1: Fade In: Downtown Los Angeles Gallery Row

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Rosemary Heather

Eli Langer @ Paul Petro Gallery

Paul Tuthill

More About WM'S Paul Tuthill

Summer 2007, WM #4: Leonardo: the Codex Leicester: Reflections on Water and the Moon

May 2007, WM issue #3: Lucien Freud @ Irish Museum of Modern Art

April 07, WM issue #2: Francis Bacon's studio, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

March 07/ WM issue #1: Dublin Report: le Brocquy

Linda Dawn Hammond

Summer 07, WM #4: Breaking out the CRYSTAL: Party time at the ROM

April, WM issue #2: Digital Twist and Turns

March 07/ WM issue #1: CRASHED

Ricardo DeSoto

Summer 07, WM #4: Neo Rauch exhibit at the Met

March 07/ WM issue #1: Dike Blair @ D' Amelio Terras, New York

Al Doyle

Man of Steel: Richard Serra @ MoMA

May 2007, WM Issue #3: Room Full of Mirrors: Picasso, Braque, and Early Film in Cubism

April 07, WM issue # 2: Van Gogh and Expressionism

March 07/ WM issue #1: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Rukhsana Jahangir

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: VOLTAshow03

April 07, WM Issue #2: Anselm Kiefer - Aperiatur Terra 26 Jan - 17 Mar 2007 White Cube Mason's Yard

Ramsay Cooper

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Panic Attack! Art in the Punk Years

May 2007, WM Issue #3: Futurists in Russia @ the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

Leigh Harris

Summer 07, WM #4: MARLENE DUMAS - "BROKEN WHITE", Tokyo, Japan

Michele Robinson

Summer 2007, WM #4: Shaw Smith @ The 50/50 Arts Collective

Alexx Shaw

SUMMER 2007, WM Issue #4: Mondo Marveloso

April 07, WM issue #2: A Blue to Dye For at the Whitworth Art Gallery

Roli Rivelino

May 2007, WM issue #3: Samson Kambalu & The Holy Ball

April 07, WM issue #2: Magic Blankets & Patchwork Dreams

Max Kuo

May 2007, WM Issue #3: Superficial Superglow, by UCLA AUD students @ Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Michael Morris

May 2007, WM Issue #3: Subject: congratulations!

Diane Smyth

March 07/ WM issue #1: whitehot artist: Stephen Gill

May 2007, WM Issue #3: Motherland, by Simon Roberts

Jessica Wimbley


March 07/ WM issue #1: An exclusive WM Interview with Gavin Bunner

Sidonio Costa

New Contemporary Russian Photography Exhibition by Artist's Collective, AES+F, at Sotheby's Institute of Art, London

March 07/ WM issue #1: Face of Fashion at NPG London

James Armstrong

May 2007, WM issue #3: David Godbold: The Unreliable Narrator @ Mitchell-Innes and Nash,Chelsea

April 07 WM issue #2 :Jeremy Steinke

March 07/ WM issue #1: Sun Koo Yuh, Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York

Veronica Paez

April 07, WM issue #2: ECCE HOMO @ The Brick Lane Gallery

March 07/ WM issue #1: Karen Kilimnik, Serpentine Gallery, London

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