August 2012: Photos: Double Dirty Dozen @ Freight and Volume

Artist David Baskin with his sculptures & James Kalm aka Loren Munk

Artist Jonathan Podwiland Art For Film and Founder Jessica Heyman

Artist Kristin Schiele

Artist Nancy Friedemann

Artists Brian Miller Simonetta Moro,  Amy Hill & Ron Richter

Artists Georgia Wright, EricWhite & Joel Dugan

Artists Hyun-Jin Alex Park & Paul Brainard

Artists Rebecca Goyette & Maria Kreyn

Artists Simonetta Moro & Brian Miller

Artists Tricia Keightley & Daniel Davidson

Artist Travis Lindquist, Art For Film FounderJessica Heyman Aimee Chan Lindquist & Baby Fin

Collector David Kessler and artist Michael Anderson

Comic Book Artist Adriano Moraes

David Humphrey, Clown Girl

David Kramer, 70s Porn

Dean and his friend

Freight and Volume gallerist Nick Lawrence and artist Jazz-Minh Moore

Artist Joe Heaps Nelson with his painting

Artist Joe Heaps Nelson, Jack the Pelican gallerist Don Carroll and Art Maven Rakien

Joe Heaps Nelson, Publisher Leighana Waight and Present Company Gallerist Brian Balderston

Ion Birch, Untitled Drawing 1

Artist Jazz-Minh Moore

Maria Kreyn, Fractal Sex

Tom Sanford, Whitney


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